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Vitamin B1 ; Brazil nuts, mangosteen and durian contain most vitamin B1, but also dried plums, -figs, tamarind and egg yolk contain lots of B1.


Vitamin B2 ; Egg yolk, mackerel, durian, avocado and longan contain most, but dried plums, -apricots, cherimoya and jackfruit also contain much vitamin B2.


Vitamin B3 (niacin) ; Granadilla, tuna, salmon, mackerel and dried apricots, -dates, and -plums contain most B3.


Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) ; Egg yolk, watermelon, avocado, dried apricot and salmon contain most B5.


Vitamin B6 ; Salmon, walnuts, mackerel, avocado, bananas, hazelnuts and dried dates, -figs, -plums and -apricots contains most B6.


Vitamin B8 (biotin) ; Egg yolk, avocado, salmon, bananas, apples, mackerel and strawberries contain most B8.


Vitamin B9 (folic acid) ; Egg yolk, walnuts, cherries, hazelnuts, strawberries, grapes and oranges contain most B9.


Vitamin B12 ; Only animal food, like egg yolk and fish, contain B12.


Carotenes (including lutein, zeaxhantin and beta-carotene) ; Dried apricots, muskmelon and carrots contain most, but also papaya, persimmon, tree tomatoes, mango, mandarin, loquats and watermelon contain much carotenes. Vitamin A† is composed of Ŗ-carotene. Also do egg yolk, tuna and salmon contain much vitamin A.


Vitamin C ; Acerola and guava contain extremely much vitamin C (what can cause diarrhea). Black currants, papaya, kiwi, strawberries, common jujube, longan, rambutan, lemon and oranges contain much vitamin C.


Vitamin E ; Hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts, egg yolk, salmon, blueberries, avocado, mango, peach, plums, tomatoes and grapes contain the most vitamin E.


Vitamin K1 ; Egg yolk, kiwis and avocado contain most, but strawberries, plums, hazelnuts, mackerel, oranges, grapes and peach also contain K1.


Vitamin D ; Vitamin D is composed of cholesterol, requiring indirect sunlight. Fish and egg yolk also contain vitamin D.




Calcium ; Hazelnuts, dried currants, figs, egg yolk, Brazil nuts, tamarind and olives contain the most, but walnuts, raisins, oranges, kiwis and mandarins also contain much calcium.


Magnesium ; Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts, papaya, coconut and banana contain the most magnesium.


Zinc ; Brazil nuts and egg yolk contain the most zinc. (Oysters contain far too much zinc) Walnuts, hazelnuts, currants, figs, salmon, coconut and granadilla also contain much zinc.


Selenium ; Coconuts contain extremely much selenium, be careful. Brazil nuts contain quite a bit, and tuna, mackerel, salmon and egg yolk also contain selenium.


Phosphorus and Sulfur ; Proteinacous food like egg yolk and fish contain high amounts of phosphorus and sulfur.


Chloride ; Almost all fruits, but especially egg yolk, mackerel, coconut, dried dates, bananas and kiwis contain chloride.


Potassium ; All foods (including fruits) contain plenty of potassium.


Sodium ; Especially fish, egg yolk and oval kumquat, but also dried figs, -dates, coconut and muskmelon contain all the sodium you need.


Iodide ; Egg yolk, bananas and mango contain sufficient iodide. Sea-fish contains much more, especially mullet (and seaweed).


Fluoride ; Egg yolk and raisins and dried apricots, but also other fruits and fish contain fluoride.


Iron ; Fish, egg yolk, dried fruits, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, coconut, rambutan, olives, granadilla and carissa, and almost all other fruits contain all the iron you need.


Chromium ; Brazil nuts, dates and hazelnuts, but also other fruits contain chromium.


Copper ; Brazil nuts ,dried apricots, olives and avocado in particular, but also granadilla, raisins, dried dates, salmon, bananas, kiwis and muskmelon contain copper. Edible snail (escargot) and oysters contain extremely high amounts of copper.


Cobalt ; Cobalt is absorbed through vitamin B12 in fish and egg yolk (or other animal food), but dried apricots, hazelnuts and walnuts contain cobalt too.


Manganese ; Hazelnuts, olives ,dried apricot sand other nuts contain lots of manganese. Other fruits like avocado and mango, but granadilla in particular, contain manganese too.


Molybdenum ; Egg yolk, muskmelon, papaya, coconut and apricots contain molybdenum.


Vanadium ; Especially egg yolk, and avocado, bananas, apples and plums contain vanadium.


Silicon ; Bananas, currants, mandarins, grapefruit, hazelnuts and strawberries contain silicon.  




And if you donít believe this, check Souci, S.W. et al, Food Composition and Nutrition Tabels, Medpharm Scientific Publishers Stuttgart, or the USDA Nutrient Database                                                                                                                               


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